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Student Health Clearance Information & Requirements

Student Health Clearance

As a health professional student, part of your training will include direct contact with patients. Indeed, this is an exciting time in your clinical training. It's your duty to protect yourself and others from communicable diseases. One of the University’s responsibilities is to provide an environment that minimizes your risk of contracting diseases that are preventable through vaccination. There are other engineering controls that are put in place to protect you and others, e.g. respirator fit testing and universal precautions.

It is the responsibility of the students to ensure health clearances are done well in advance of the time they are needed. Do not wait until the last minute, because health clearances will typically require a tuberculosis test, other routine blood testing, and in some cases, urine drug testing. Please come in for these tests a week or two before your physical exam. Failure to present these requirements to the health center in advance may delay your ability to receive your health clearance as well as your clinical rotation.

For your protection, a health clearance is required for every health science student. Health clearances are reviewed annually, beginning with the year you start clinical rotation. No student will be cleared for clinical rotations until all requirements are met.


When the health clearance requirements are met, you will receive a Health Clearance Certificate, which is required before you begin a clinical rotation. The certificate must be renewed on an annual basis.

Please send an email list of names for health clearance to

Office of Health Education (Wellness Center)/Medical Arts Building
2139 Georgia Avenue, NW

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