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Physical Wellness is:​

  • Caring for your body to stay healthy now and in the future.

  • The ability to maintain a healthy quality of life that allows us to get through our daily activities

  • without undue fatigue or physical stress.

Methods to Improve Physical Wellness:

  • Healthy eating

  • Physical Activity - 30 minutes 5 days a week

  • Limited use - Alcohol, Tobacco, Other Drugs

  • Sleep

  • Prevention 

    • Proactively taking care of medical issue that arise

    • Practicing daily stress reduction

  • Hygiene ​​

    • Cleanliness is associated with positive feelings of self-worth.

Howard Physical Wellness Resources:


​Intellectual Wellness is:

  • Growing Intellectually, maintaining curiosity about all there is to learn. 

  • Valuing lifelong learning and responding positively to intellectual challenges.

  • Expanding knowledge and skills while discovering the potential for sharing your gifts with others.

  • Seeks to foster critical thinking.

  • Develop moral reasoning.

​Methods to Improve Intellectual Wellness:

  • Take time to learn new skills.

  • Learn class material.

  • Exercise your mind with puzzles and games.

  • Read Books!

Howard Intellectual Wellness Resources:



Emotional Wellness is:

  • Understanding and respecting your feelings, values, and attitudes.

  • Appreciating the feelings of others.

  • Managing your emotions in a constructive way

  • Feeling positive and enthusiastic about your life

Methods to Improve Emotional Wellness:

  • Take deep breaths when feeling worked up

  • Identify what stresses you

  • Limit stressors

  • Find stress outlets when you are feeling overwhelmed

  • Consider Therapy Services 

  • Implement positive affirmations

Howard Emotional Wellness Resources:



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Social Wellness is:

  • Maintaining healthy relationships, enjoying being with others, developing friendships
    and intimate relations, caring about others, and letting others care about you.

  • Contributing to your community

Methods to Improve Social Wellness:

  • Make in-person connections

    • Joint Student Organizations​

    • Join a gym

  • Take care of yourself taking care of others.​

  • Stay connected with family and friends at home.

Howard Social Wellness Resources:

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Spiritual Wellness is:

  • Finding purpose, value, and meaning in your life with or without organized religion

  • Participating in activities that are consistent with your beliefs and values

  • Openness to exploring your own beliefs

Methods to Improve Spiritual Wellness:

  • Quiet self-reflection

  • Can include participation in religious activities 

  • Reading

  • Open dialogue with others

Howard Spiritual Wellness Resources:



Career Wellness:

  • Preparing for and participating in work (major) that provides personal satisfaction
    and life enrichment that is consistent with your values, goals, and lifestyle

  • Contributing your unique, gifts, skills, and talents to work that is personally
    meaningful and rewarding

Methods to Improve Career Wellness:

  • Increase your knowledge and skills to accomplish your goals

  • Don't settle, keep motivated, and work towards what you want

  • Attempt to be purpose driven in your career choices 

  • Enjoy what you do, do what you enjoy

  • Create Connections with your co-workers, and colleagues

  • Look for enrichment opportunities

    • Internships​

    • Work-study

    • Conferences

Howard Career Wellness Resources:



Financial Wellness is:

  • Managing your resources to live within your means, making informed financial
    and investments, setting realistic goals, and preparing for short-term
    and long-term needs or emergencies 

  • Being aware that everyone's financial values, needs, and circumstance are unique

Methods to Improve Financial Wellness:

  • Set and commit to a budget

  • Save money consistently 

  • Minimize credit cards if possible

  • Save for emergencies

  • Know where your money is going

Howard Financial Wellness Resources:



Environmental Wellness is:

  • Understanding how your social, natural, and built environments affect your health and well-being

  • Being aware of the unstable state of the earth and the effects of your daily habits on the physical environment

  • Demonstrating commitment to a healthy planet

Methods to Improve Environmental Wellness:

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle 

  • Maintaining a clean and organized home, work and study space

  • Managing clutter in your environment

Howard Environmental Wellness Resources:



Creative Wellness is:

  • Valuing and participating in a diverse range of arts and cultural experiences to understand and appreciate your surrounding world

  • Expressing your emotions and views through the arts can be great way to relieve stress

Methods to Improve Creative Wellness:

  • Regularly indulge artistic expression

    • Writing, sewing, dancing, playing an instrument, cooking, gardening, drawing, improv, acting or painting​

  • Think about what inspires you​

  • Experiment until find something that makes you feel good

  • Focus on the process of the product

Howard Creative Wellness Resources:



Digital Wellness is:

  • Pursuing an intentional and healthy relationship with technology in the workplace and personal life

  • The ability to ensure that your use of digital technologies has a positive impact on your well-being

Methods to Improve Digital Wellness:

  • Ask yourself:

    • Do I spend more time on them than intended?​

    • Do they distract me from focusing on the tasks that matter?

    • Do I feel insecure after seeing other people's posts on social media?

    • Do I feel anxious if I am not up to date with everything that contacts post social media?

    • Do I find it hard to disconnect from checking digital devices outside office hours?

    • Do I feel that I lose out on real-life (as opposed to digital) social interaction because I spend so much time using digital technologies?

  • Use time management techniques​

    • Set specific times to check email and social media​

  • Manage notifications and clean accounts​

    • Don't auto-enroll for push notifications​

    • Consider removing friends you do not need on socials

    • Set notifications for people that you are directly connected with

  • Tech-free sleep routine​

    • Schedule a no tech time and disconnect from all digital devices prior to sleeping​

  • Prioritize interpersonal relationships​

    • Focus on active listening when with family and friends, turn of notifications​

  • Find non-digital creative outlets​

Howard Digital Wellness Resources:



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